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Mariana Pineda

April 6-14, 2019

By Federico García Lorca | Directed by Bobbie Bell
Mariana Pineda tells the story of a heroine of the city of Granada (Spain) that was condemned for embroidering a flag with the motto of the liberal plight, “equality, liberty and law” and thus defied the monarchical, totalitarian regime imposed by King Ferdinand VII. Mariana Pineda was first detained and imprisoned within a Granadian convent but was later sentenced to death by the king himself through the gruesome torture of the Spanish garrote vil. She was only 26 years old. Before her execution, Mariana was offered absolute pardon and liberty if she provided the names of her liberal accomplices, but she refused by speaking the words: “Without hesitation, I prefer a glorious death than to cover myself in shame by betraying a living person.” 

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